कार्यालय प्रधान निदेशक वाणिज्यिक लेखा परीक्षा तथा पदेन सदस्य लेखा परीक्षा बोर्ड, चेन्नै

Office of Principal Director of Commercial Audit and Ex-officio Member Audit Board, Chennai


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 RTI provisoins:

Government of India has enacted the Right to Information Act, 2005 and published in extraordinary Gazette Part-II Sec. I dated 21-06-2005. Under this Act, the Principal Director Commercial Audit & Ex-Officio Member Audit Board has nominated  Deputy Director (Admn) as Public Information Officer.

As per Right to Information (Regulation of Fee & Cost) Rules, 2005 issued vide GOI Minister of personnel, Public Grievances and Pension, (Department of Personnel and Training) Notification dated 16-9-2005; a request for obtaining information has to be accompanied by application fee as detailed below.

Two for each page (in A4 or A3 size paper) created or copied; Actual charge or cost price of a copy in larger size paper; Actual cost or price for samples or models and For inspection of records, no fee for the first hour; and a fee of five for each fifteen minutes (or fraction thereof) thereafter.

- for information provided in diskette or floppy- Fifty per diskette or floppy; and

- for information provided in printed form at the price fixed for such publication or rupees two per page of photocopy for extracts from the publication.

  Information under RTI


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CPIOs Chapter II, 4 1 (b) (xvi) Shri V. Viswanathan, IA&AS Director (Administration) & CPIO
O/o Principal Director Commercial Audit & Ex-Officio Member Audit Board, Chennai Ph : 044- 28330146
First Appellate Authority
Shri R.Ambalavanan, IA&AS, Principal Director,
First Appellate Authority
O/o Principal Director Commercial Audit & Ex-Officio Member Audit Board, Chennai Ph : 044- 28330146

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