Transfer Posting Policy Guidelines


In compliance with CAG Office (Hqrs.) instructions dated 6.1.2014, the following Board has been constituted to recommend all intra transfers and postings wef 01/02/2014. The Board would record its recommendations and communicate them to the Accepting Authority for consideration.

Board for Intra Office transfers and postings of Gr. ‘B’ (Non-Gazetted ) and Gr 'C’ in the O/o the PDCA & MAB, Chennai The constitution of this Board would be as follows: a. SAO/CA - I Member b. SAO/ADMN Ex - Officio Member c. SAO/CA - III Member

The senior most of the three SAOs will be the Chairperson. Director /Dy director - Admn will be the Accepting Authority. The general guidelines for intra office transfers and postings are given in the as below:


Any movement of staff from Hqrs/LAP/RAP to another LAP/RAP/Hqrs (intra office) would be covered by these guidelines. All such cases of transfers and postings would be done on the basis of recommendations by the Board which has been notified.

The general guidelines for recommending intra office transfers and postings of Group ‘B’ and ‘C’ staff, subject to administrative exigencies are as follows.

1.The Board will consider the cases as per relevant provisions in MSO (Admn.) on rotation of personnel and applicable instructions issued by HQs/GOI, etc. from time to time.

2. The factors such as nature and requirement of the post, qualifications of the individual including special qualifications such as CISA, CA, ICWA, Legal and RA, Past performance, History of service etc. would, inter-alia, be taken into consideration while deciding transfers and postings.

3. Group B & C staff shall not ordinarily be transferred from a particular post before the end of normal tenure which would be a minimum period of two years.

4. It is desirable that the transfers are done at pre fixed intervals. The periodicity for convening the meeting would be decided by the respective Boards.

5. Normally, as per existing policies, employees have to work in any position as decided by the Administration and postings and transfers cannot be claimed as a matter of right. However, requests from individuals for transfer on personal, health and any other grounds, either prematurely or otherwise, would be considered by the specified Boards.

6. In case postings are done on emergency basis due to work exigencies, they would be considered by the Board during its next meeting for post-facto confirmation.

7. All transfers and postings would be subject to administrative needs and work exigencies.